Lev U'Neshama Programs

Lev U'Neshama's programs work with the participation of local merchants to benefit the city's economy.


Food Program:

An independent, local grocery store participates with Lev U'Neshama. Coupons are sent at the beginning of each month to over 140 families. The coupons enable the families to purchase the food they need. A donation of $36 sponsors a family for one month's worth of food assistance.


Eye Glass Program:

Children and adults are sent to a local optician who provides each individual with an eye exam and a new pair of glasses. A substantial discount is given to Lev U'Neshama by the optician. A donation of $55 sponsors an adult or child for a pair of new eye glasses.


School Supply Program:

School costs, even with public schools, is a burden for struggling families. Lev U'Neshama had added a new program to help supply basic school materials to needy children to enable them to begin school with self-esteem, confidence and basics to help them to achieve in the school year. A local office supply store gives a discount to help stretch the budget. The amount of $35 provides one young student with a school supply packet.


Holiday Program:

When funds are available, parcels of holiday food are distributed for Passover and Rosh Hashanah. The amount of $50 provides a holiday parcel for one family.


Clothing Program:

Lev U'Neshama's used clothing store is stocked with clothing received from the States, from organizations and individuals. Families are able to purchase for a few shekels, quality and stylish clothing. All of the proceeds from the store go directly into Lev U'Neshama's Food Program.


Shoe Program:

A local merchant gives a substantial discount to Lev U'Neshama. This helps to provide shoes to children from needy families. A donation of $15 sponsors a child for a pair of new sport shoes.


Discretionary Program:

Lev U'Neshama tries to help families who are in emergency situations that range from help with overdue bills, purchase of critically-needed medication, transportation fees for the elderly and/or infirm, minor home repair and appliance repair, etc.