Recently a woman entered the Gemach and immediately burst into tears. I approached her and instinctively hugged her. She responded by saying that she had not had a hug for a long time and apologized for her tears. I worked with this woman for a time to build her self esteem and to strengthen herself against her abusive husband. I helped her select clothing to complement her and soon she became stronger. "Lev U'Neshama" got her free legal assistance and she subsequently got divorced. She has 8 children to raise on her own. She also had to arrange for the Bar Mitzvah for her son. "Lev U' Neshama" gave her credit for clothing at the Gemach and we succeeded in finding a full suit for the Bar Mitzvah boy as well and beautiful dresses for her and her daughters. Through the "Lev U'Neshama" Shoe Program, shoes were provided for the Bar Mitzvah boy. We arranged for a credit for food for the event through a small grocery store that works with the organization. Meanwhile this woman has a part time job. Through the Food Program of "Lev U' Neshama" receives a monthly food coupon. She is a happy customer at the Gemach and occasionally calls the organization's cell phone for help.