One day it was raining outside and the outdoor clothing rack needed to be brought inside. I saw a man outside with two children who were without adequate shoes or coats. I approached the man and asked him if he could come in from the cold and rain. Then I asked the Gemach helpers to help me dress these children. The father was shocked that we were all totally embracing his children with attention and finding these children clothing and winter coats. I called Yaffa, the Manger of "Lev U'Neshama" and asked her to please find two pairs of shoes from her home stock and I would come to get the shoes. The rain stopped and the father said, "Thank you, but how can I ever pay you?" I told him that his children's smiles and hugs were the largest payment anyone can receive. I gave him "Lev U' Neshama's" phone number and asked him to ask his wife to call me and give me the shoe sizes for all of their children. "Lev U' Neshama" gave them a special credit to buy food. This family received clothing and shoes for all of the children and sacks of staples, vegetables and fruits. (I found out later that the father had just lost his job and was embarrassed to take his children to school because he could not pay tuition. Since then, the father has found a job and his wife is a regular customer at the Gemach.)